How to read a tyre?


Control on the road all winter long
  • Designed to conquer any snow or slush conditions
  • Superb wet braking performance with NanoProtechTM compound
  • Tuned for excellent comfort to ensure a pleasant ride, whatever your destination
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Responsive and predictable to be in full control for all winter conditions.
  • Safer, steadier performance through rain and slush*
  • Vastly improved* wear resistance
  • Reliable grip on everything from loose snow to icy surfaces 

    * Compared to Firestone Winterhawk 2 Evo and Winterhawk 2V Evo

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The smart choice. Year-round convenience.
  • The extra convenience and cost saving of a single set of tyres, all year round
  • Designed to perform in all conditions, so the weather never catches you by surprise!
  • Compliant with winter-tyre legislation in all relevant countries
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